Learn to READ your Birth Path to Live a Wonderful life

  • Power Path

    DO YOU WANT TO BUILD MORE ABUNDANCE AND WEALTH FOR 2018? "Intro to Astrology and Numerology" (Modules #1 & #2) holds the hidden codes that will open your door to your Power Path.

  • Happiness Path

    DO YOU WANT TO HAVE MORE FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS FOR 2018? Every year has a special code. Knowing that code, the "Hidden Powers of 2018," (Module #3) opens the doors to your Happiness Path.

  • Prosperity Path

    DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE BEST DAYS TO CREATE PROSPERITY? "2018 Big Impact Days" (Module #4) shows you the best days to rest or to take action so you can maximise your Prosperity Path.

Self-Study Program

In this program you will receive 4 modules

  • 1
    Welcome to intro to Astro-Numerology course!
    • How to use this course
    • A message from your instructor
  • 2
    Let's get started!
    • Your Why
    • Your What
    • Your How
    • What did you learn
  • 3
    Module #1 Astrology Intro
    • Make 2018 YOUR Year Course Planner Worksheet
    • Astrology Intro 101
  • 4
    Module #2 Numerology Intro
    • Numerology Intro 101
  • 5
    Module #3 Hidden Powers of 2018
    • Module #3 Hidden Powers of 2018
  • 6
    Module #4 2018 Big Impact Days
    • Module #4 Big Impact Day: This will outline the BEST Abundance and Rest Days for 2018
  • 7
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Your Bonuses
    • Before you go...

Bonus material

Got more support to Make 2018 YOUR Year! Here's the goodies you won't want to miss.

  • Your Personal Power Words


    Words are power. For 2018 some words are more powerful. Would you like to know Your Personal Power Words for 2018? You'll receive a guided meditation to discover them.

  • Make 2018 YOUR year Calendar


    If someone could wave a magic wand and tell you what are the best days for Abundance and Rest, would you like to know what they were? You'll get all that in an at a glance "Make 2018 YOUR Year Calendar-Outline. Great for your bulletin board so you always have it available.

  • Make 2018 YOUR Year Breakthrough Session

    $500 value

    When you complete the program and want to know more about your personal information, you are invited with a gift of a complimentary 1:1 one hour session with Francesca to look at where you are now, where you want to go and what is in your path that is holding you back.

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